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Drew DeRidder

1 · G

Adam Samuelsson

5 · D

Trevor Janicke

7 · F

Gavin Hain

8 · F

Tyler Weiss

9 · F

Ty Emberson

10 · D

Jake Wise

12 · F

Jack DeBoer

14 · F

Bode Wilde

15 · D

Erik Middendorf

16 · F

Jonathan Gruden

17 · F

Oliver Wahlstrom

18 · F

K'Andre Miller

19 · D

Jake Pivonka

20 · F

Mattias Samuelsson

23 · D

Patrick Giles

24 · F

Spencer Stastney

25 · D

DJ King

27 · D

Joel Farabee

28 · F

Jonathan Mor

30 · G

Jack Hughes

43 · F

Seth Appert


Kirk Culik


Nick Fohr


Mason Graddock


Carrie Keil


Darryl Nelson


Kris Nolt


Thomas Speer


Mason Graddock Intern Assistant Coach

Mason Graddock enters the 2017-18 season, his second with the National Team Development Program, as an intern assistant coach for the U.S. National Under-18 Team. 

Prior to joining the NTDP coaching staff, Graddock spent the 2015-16 season as an intern assistant coach at the University of Notre Dame where he was involved in team preparations and game plans, scouting and assisting with on-ice practices and in-game adjustments of both Notre Dame and its opponents, including matchups and strategy.

Previously, Graddock spent four seasons as an assistant men’s ice hockey coach at Middlebury (Vt.) College. With the Panthers, Graddock was responsible for player development, recruiting and special teams systems.

Graddock played four seasons of ice hockey at Middlebury (2005-09), helping the team to the NCAA Division III national championship his freshman year.