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Full Bios

Hockey Operations and Player Personnel

Name Title Email Extension
Scott Monaghan Senior Director, Operations 318
Lisa Vollmers Director, Student-Athlete Services 392
Kevin Reiter Director, Player Personnel 316
Rick Comley Jr. Assistant Director, Player Personnel 308
Mary Jo LaPointe Housing Coordinator
Lisa Gross Administrative Assistant 311
Kim Pisano Administrative Assistant 310
Matt Williams Brendan Burke Intern 319

Coaching Staff

Name Title Email Extension
John Wroblewski Head Coach 312
Seth Appert Head Coach 314
Nick Fohr Associate Coach 315
Greg Moore Assistant Coach 313
Thomas Speer Goaltending Coach 322
Mason Graddock Intern Coach 324
Kevin Lind Intern Coach 325
Darryl Nelson Strength & Conditioning Coach 327
Carrie Keil Power Skating Coach
Kirk Culik Off-ice Conditioning Coach

Medical Staff

Name Title Email Extension
Jason Hodges Head Athletic Trainer 321
Dennis MacDonald Athletic Trainer 321
Dr. John Grant Team Physician
Dr. Rebecca Northway Team Physician
Dr. Dan Saferstein Sports Psychologist

Equipment Managers

Name Title Email Extension
Brock Bradley Head Equipment Manager (U17) 320
Jake Visser Assistant Equipment Manager (U18) 320

Communications Staff

Name Title Email Extension
Kris Nolt Manager, Communications 378
Pete Krupsky Coordinator, Broadcast & Media Relations 328
Laurel Young Brian Fishman Intern 330

Sales and Marketing Staff

Name Title Email Extension
Denise Ronayne Director, Corporate Sales & Marketing 333
Char Merckel Director, Ticket Operations 303
Connor Small Marketing Operations Manager 317
Julie Szmatula Corporate Sales 381
Alec Manning Group Sales 302
Paige Sliney Producer 376
Jim LaPointe Events Coordinator

Accounting Staff

Name Title Email Extension
Andréa Walkuski Senior Accountant 309
Carla Rogge Accountant, NTDP, Food & Drink 306