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Seth Appert Twitter Q&A

By USA Hockey's NTDP, 04/26/20, 10:30PM EDT


NTDP head coach took to social media to answer fan questions

Photo by Rena Laverty

NTDP head coach Seth Appert (Cottage Grove, Minn.) took over the NTDP Twitter account for a Q&A session with our fans on Thursday (April 23) afternoon. From influences to defenseman drills and the ever-important hair routine, Appert covered it all.

A transcript of the Q&A follows:

Seth: Seth Appert here and excited to be on with our fans today. Fire away and ask anything you want to know about the NTDP. Looking forward to the interaction. 

Q: Seth, how involved are you in the process of scouting and picking the U17 team when it’s your turn to coach them the following year? For example next year with the 2004 birth year. #AskAppert

A: Good question Cameron. Our coaching staff only accounts for 10-15% of our scouting effort. We leave the heavy lifting to our great scouting staff, Kevin Reiter, Rod Braceful and our other part time scouts. They do a great job putting together our roster.

Q: Do you approach games vs NCAA teams differently than games vs USHL teams knowing some players might be committed to or are being recruited by NCAA opponents? #AskAppert

A: Thanks for question John. We approach all games the same to get our players in proper routines of preparation. Certainly for NCAA games we may talk about handling the atmosphere and physical size of players. We also start players from that area or committed to that school.

Q: Coach, what’s your favorite international trip with the NTDP?

A: Great question. All the trips are unique and special in terms of getting to represent our great country overseas. My favorite this season was winning the 5 Nations championship in Sundsvall, Sweden.

Q: If “hair routine” is the first question, there goes the allotted time. Hi Seth! Take care. #AskAppert (TSN's Bob McKenzie)

A: Great to hear from you Bob. I expect your annual NHL Draft call hopefully sooner than later. The hair gets a lot of questions. It’s well trained for over 30 years of same style. Takes 30-45 seconds and good to go. Same as when I’d see you watching your son in Appleton Arena!! 

Q: Do you use paste or gel in your hair? (Campbell Appert, Seth's daughter)

A: Campbell - do your homework and get off social media!! 

Q: Who is the funniest guy on your team?

A: That’s a hard one for me to answer. They are way more funny when I’m not around. My gut feel would be Daniyal Dzhaniyev. I would have to defer to assistant coach, Brent Darnell, he would know better.

Q: Seth! Long time no see. Let's set the records straight here. Who is your favorite Schroeder family member??

A: Great to hear from you Ava. The Appert’s miss you. We all know that you guys were my neighbors and Bruce is my friend!!! Haha. So Bruce is my favorite. Go Wildcats.

Q: Coach, what was your fondest memory from the 2011-12 season when you piloted RPI to their first NCAA birth in many years? #AskAppert

A: Always great to hear from my friends in Troy, NY. That was the 2010-11 season and it was a special group led by a special senior class. Favorite memory would be beating #1 Yale in Big Red Freakout.

Q: I mean the biggest on-going debate/question is- Who was the main goalie recruiter at @DU_Hockey? @SPmillerOSU or @SethAppert #cantsayboth #boththebest

A: Great to hear from one of my favorite goalies!! Steve Miller taught me everything I know in recruiting he’s the best in the biz. I’ll give him credit for you and I’ll take Adam Berkhoel and Marc Cheverie. That being said Killer and I always teamed together for all recruits.

Q: Which player surprised you the most this season?

A: I wouldn’t say any of our guys surprised me. Getting to be around our guys every day and see the special work ethic and competitiveness this group had allowed our staff to have full confidence we were going to have a strong season.

Q: Coaching has to put people in extremely stressful environments. Has this affected assistant coach Brent Darnell's hair growth?

A: That’s a funny one from another great goalie!! We have seen the toll being on a staff with good hair has taken on our young assistant Brent Darnell.

Q: Best SFW story about [NTDP senior director of operations] Mono #AskAppert

A: The better Mono stories are NSFW. But my favorite would be him waiting for Nick Fohr and myself after we beat the Swiss in Worlds in a crazy 8-5 game asking us “Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” 

Q: Coach, what person in your journey was the biggest influence on your coaching career? #AskAppert 

A: This is a great question. I’ve been fortunate to be around great coaches in my life at Ferris State - [Bob] Daniels, [Drew] Famulak, [Jamie] Russell, [Tom] Rudrud, [Mark] Kaufman. At Denver with Coach Gwozdecky, Steve Miller, Rico Blasi and my first travel coach, Al Palodichuk. 

Q: What’s been your message to next year’s team while they’re stuck inside? #AskAppert

A: Good to hear from you Mike. Our message to our 2004 team has been real simple. Stay safe, enjoy time with your family and take advantage of this time away from hockey to work extremely hard on your strength and your shot in preparation of next year.

Q: Coach, big, big fan. Is it true that, in your limited off-time, you still play the occasional game of RBI Baseball on 8-bit Nintendo and that your preferred team is the St. Louis Cardinals based on their unrivaled team speed and exceptional defense?

A: I have a sneaking suspicion this is my brother in law who used to freeload by living rent free with us in the summer while expecting me to provide him employment. Yes the Cardinals were my favorite RBI Baseball team for their speed and team defense!! 

Q: Who is your barber?

A: Always great to hear from you Walshy - Hope you are well. Fantastic Sam’s $12.99 can’t beat it!! It’s getting a bit unruly during the lockdown.

Q: What fictional character would you want to see play for the NTDP? #AskAppert

A: Haven’t heard this one before. I would have to say The Natural Roy Hobbs! I think he would’ve made a great hockey player while making his own custom made wood sticks.

Q: Hey Seth. What was your worst summer job? Hockey question.. best drill for helping D with making their first pass... in d zone, clearing the zone, neutral zone transition pass? Poorly worded, but I hope you understand what I’m getting at. Thanks!

A: Best/Worst summer job was painting houses with you and Nast. I tried to post a video of this drill but it wouldn’t load. I’ll have to show you another time. Always good to hear from friends in my hometown of Cottage Grove, MN.

Seth: Thanks to all our fans for the questions today. It’s such a great honor to represent our country every day. I had fun with it, hopefully you did too. Stay safe & healthy during this crazy time. I look forward to seeing you all back at the rink hopefully sooner than later.

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